Dear Editor,
Allow me to speak to the Minister of National Guidance Reverend Godfridah Sumaili through your website.

Rev, I know you are trying to prove your relevance to the Zambians. Let me say this to you that from time immemorial we have enjoyed cordial relations with the Muslim and Hindu brothers and sisters. You watch your path carefully. Zambia is so called a Christian nation but I ask you Rev, point to me three things that show we are a Christian nation.

There is rampant moral decay in the nation,skimpy dress code is the order of the day. Today those of us that are old fear going into town and streets alike because of the nudity we are exposed to. What are you doing about that. There is oppression of the poor by those that are born with silver spoons in their mouths.

Land is grabbed off the poor by the rich,slave wages is the order of the day. What are you doing about these things. I’m baffled that you can choose to pass a political comment on an issue which is actively dividing masses. Rev, be the voice of reason to all. Your relevance should be to foster Christian values in the nation. Don’t be an oppressor of others. The constitution allows freedom of movement, worship etc. Control or address the Moral decay in this country.

Muntu ushiya