Dear Editor,

I have read the article by Hon. Chishimba Kambwili that “Lungu is insecure” and it’s very disheartening for him to talk about President Lungu like that. Hon.CK should calm down. Everyone has got his/her own time and therefore he should allow and respect President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to execute his duties. He is the President of not only PF but the entire country of Zambia. Therefore, as citizens of the country we should give the respect our President deserves. It doesn’t matter whom the President appoints to any position it’s his prerogative to do so.

My advice to Hon. CK is that he should not be emotional. He should exercise patience if it’s meant for him to be President of Zambia one day he will be. Meanwhile it’s President Lungu’s time. He was elected by Zambians and so how can he be insecure? He can only be insecure if he just put himself there. Hon.CK is a PF member who should be in the forefront to protect the President and not be castigating him like an opposition member. After all even for 2021 President Lungu under PF is the only one who has the mandate to stand again because he is eligible for another 5 year term as it is enshrined in the Zambian constitution. The 1 year 3 months he ruled after the passing on of President Sata (MHSRIEP) shouldn’t be counted as part of his mandated 2 terms.

I am happy that Hon. Miles Sampa is giving Hon. Kambwili some good pieces of advice. That’s how you mature in politics. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend because politics sometimes is personal sacrifice. No one can force anyone to go into them. I say so because in one his outbursts Hon. Kambwili was bragging that he spent over K2m in order to have President Lungu be re-elected. All that stuff is irrelevant in the current situation. Me I was initially adopted by PF to stand as MP in Chinsali Central then removed and replaced by an candidate but I still went ahead and campaigned for President Lungu and he won. That made me very happy and won’t boast of how much money I put in or regret it because that was the prevailing situation then and that time is past. Therefore, my brother Hon Chishimba Kambwili calm yourself down and do the right things that people can see and emulate you on.

Patrick Mubanga Kangwa in the UK.