To the President, His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Your Excellence Sir, it is almost a reality that the cadres from the ruling Patriotic Front – PF appear to be more privileged Zambians than any native of this country.

The PF cadres willingly enjoy the freedoms which other “ordinary” Zambians only dream about. The PF cadres are enjoying the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, freedom of association and all other stipulated freedoms.

The PF cadres also enjoy rare rights; they seem to have the right to access public resources, such as market and bus station levies. they have the right to silence anyone with opposing views, and ironically they are even exhibiting the right to kill. (At least going by the attack on one passerby and a victim of political violence at the hands of suspected PF cadres. The named passerby was attacked in front of the Central Police when PF Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili appeared before the police on January 19,2018)

Mr. President Sir, I believe, one life lost at the hands of any political violence is too many for you to care about.

I also strongly believe you would not want to lead a country where citizens with divergent views are intimidated and continue to live in fear. The events that have unfolded in the country in the recent past have caused worry among us the citizens.

The constant allegation of corruption in government is perhaps the most disturbing occurrence that requires your immediate intervention; by letting authorities to independently probe the corruption allegations.

The PF government was voted against the backdrop of a pro-poor agenda; of low taxes and more money in people pockets. However, the status quo shows little to support that trajectory.

As a concerned Zambian and a PF sympathiser, I would like to ask you Sir to:

1. Tame the PF cadres who have been assumed to be more privileged Zambian than other “ordinary” citizen.

2. In the interest of the nation, let an independent commission of inquiry probe the corruption allegations in the procurement of the 42 Fire Tenders at the cost of 42 million US Dollars and the procurement of ambulances at over the cost of 250 000 US dollars each.

3. Arrest anyone who is involved in the illegal harvest and export of Mukula timber, regardless of their political affiliation.

4. Assist to streamline the E-voucher system for the benefit of farmers who are struggling to access agriculture inputs.

5. Once the Cholera epidemic is arrested, do a forensic audit of the donations and made the findings public.

Your Excellence, I believe, when you address some of these concerns, you will assist to instil the very confidence in the Zambian people and get rid of some falsehood and perception being peddled on social media and making you unpopular.

However, your perpetual position to completely ignore any allegation of corruption allegations in government will certainly not help to build a better Zambia.

Zambia is above the interest of any political party. It is a dream of every citizen to have a country that offers equal opportunities for its people in a just environment.

However, it appears unfortunately, that only those aligned to the ruling party have a stake to benefit from the nation’s resources.

Your Excellence, It is without any malice that I use this unorthodox platform, to communicate these sentiments to you, which I believe echo the feelings of many other Zambians.

Zambia is a Nation founded on the backdrop of tolerance for each other, with its peace anchored on the motto “One Zambia One Nation”.

God Bless Your Excelency Sir.

Long live Zambia.

Concerned Zambian Citizen