Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo has taken his philanthropy to Munali Constituency by repairing a damaged section of the road that connects Munali to Mutumbi Cemetery in Lusaka.

Driving passed a damaged section were potholes had transformed into ditches was becoming a nightmare for motorists heading to Chamba Valley, Mutumbi cemetery and Kaunda Square. It was taking them almost 30 minutes to cover a short distance of less than a kilometre.

When asked why he has repaired the road which is outside his constituency, the Chifubu Member of Parliament said he is “a minister for Zambia”. He also said it did no cost him much when pressed to state where he gets money to spare during hard economic times.

“I’m a minister for Zambia,” he said. “Wherever I find there is a problem I have to come in and help.”

He confirmed that he has property in Chamba Valley and was facing the same challenge like other motorists so he had to organise some taxi drivers operating nearby to work on the road.

“We agreed that I will get stones and cement. I only spent a K1,000 or a K1,500 which anyone would have spent,” he explained.

One taxi driver commended Lusambo for the work. Rodgers Banda was disappointed that their MP Nkandu Luo had not been seen in the area.

“We are grateful to Lusambo because there used to be traffic congestion from Munali to this section,” he said. “We have someone nearby here – our MP who could have come to our aid. But it took someone from very far.”

The MP for Munali is Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo who lost the seat after it was petitioned by the losing candidate UPND Doreen Mwamba. The High Court found Luo guilty of electoral malpractices, but she appealed the decision.

Lusambo is also sponsoring six journalists to school under what he is calling ‘The Bowman Lusamboa Media Sponsorship Fund”.

The journalists who were awarded full scholarships to study at various universities in Zambia include Mildred Katongo from Times of Zambia, Chatula Kampo Kangali from Times of zambia and Charles Tembo, a freelance journalist all based in Ndola.

Others are Tamara Mhango from ZNBC, Kitwe studios, Racheal Chako of YAR FM in Kitwe including Tinkerbelle Mwila of Radio Phoenix.