A 40-year-old woman of Mukuma village in Kabompo district died yesterday after a tree fell on her forehead during a firewood-gathering routine with her sister.

North Western Province police commissioner Auxensio Daka, confirmed the death of Chosola Kamasongo and said Police had advised the family to bury the body as there was no foul play suspected.

“The police visited the scene and discovered that the tree hit the victim on the forehead who sustained a deep cut and died on the spot and no foul play was suspected as the incidence has been treated as an accident. Hence the relatives have been advised to bury the body,” said Daka.

Ndumba Mwila, daughter of the deceased who reported the matter to Police said her mother was standing under a tree which was being cut down for fire wood by her elder sister Beauty Kamasongo aged 40 of the same household.

“She was standing under a tree when it fell on her fore head thereby sustaining a deep cut and eventually died due to excessive bleeding,” Mwila told the Police.