A man of Kambelembele village in Kalombo area of North Western Province has died after taking six bottles of Tujilijili in a drinking competition, leaving his rival who consumed five and half bottles battling for his life.

North Western Province Police Commissioner Auxencio Daka named the deceased victor of the drinking competition as Oscar Kavungu and further identified the hospitalised loser as Charles Mwiye.

“Oscar Kavungu of Kambelembele village, Kalombo area died after drinking six bottles of Tujilijili. He died around 16.00 hours at Chavuma General hospital. The age is not known but, he is believed to be between 25 and 30 years old,” Daka told News Diggers! in a statement.

“He was with his friend Charles Mwiye, 25, of the same village who also took five and half bottles of Tujilijili. Mwiye was later rushed to the same hospital and is out of danger awaiting to be discharged.”

He said an investigation revealed that the two were competing to finish 20 bottles of the highly concentrated alcohol spirits.

“Upon following up the report it was revealed that the two were competing to finish the entire box of 20 bottles. This took place at Mr Sapato Collins’ shop of the same area,” said Daka.