Here is the thing, I don’t quite enjoy writing stories that people won’t finish reading, so it’s a boring announcement, but I promise to keep out the boring stuff.

Here we go. Twenty-year-old Musa Kalaluka was last Saturday crowned Miss Zambia 2017 at a colourful beauty pageant held at New Government Complex in Lusaka.

The competitive modelling contest saw Cecilia Abba taking the First Princess sash, leaving the Second Princess title to Norah Kondwani.

These three beauties caught the attention of the judges who included Mayida Jacobs, Elizabeth Mwanza (the first Miss Zambia title holder), John Dumelo and Martha Kabaso.

But I tell you what, from the 12 contestants, several other models who who did not make the final three won in their respective ways. The stunning flair, alluring catwalks, the exquisite outfits and not to mention the pose; I don’t know how the judges do it.

Anyway, so Musa got the judges soft spot and with a crown on her head, she spoke like a real queen.

“I plan to advocate for senior citizens and widows because I believe and understand how they are mostly neglected by society and therefore, I feel they need more than charity help,” she said, blushing in front of the flushing cameras.

Well, that’s easier said than done Musa, my mother would tell you that; just like Elizabeth Mwanza who runs the Miss Zambia franchise, quickly pointed out.

“If the current Miss Zambia fails in her duties the crown will automatically go to the first princess who is on standby,” said Mwanza.

Mwanza is a tough lady and the 2016 Miss Zambia winner Loiusa Chingangu can agree with me because, not only was she stripped off the tittle, she was also actually banned from contesting this year for what the franchise termed as “gross misconduct”. This was after ‘supported’ an online publication that alleged that the organisers had not given her all the prizes she won last year, apart from the motor vehicle.

You hear that models? Modelling is not for complainants; just smile and wave, like Musa did when she was offered a years endorsement deal from Interfashional Africa for winning the title. After all, the whole country will soon be seeing her on international TV when she goes to represent Zambia at the prestigious Miss World pageant.

Now, all beauty comes from God right? Yeah, whatever if you don’t believe me. I am just trying to explain why Gospel singer Pompi was on icing on the cake that night; and he did mesmerise the audience with his powerful voice and distinct tunes, backed by a live band.

Oh! I forgot to mention, the event was actually characterised with a very poor turn out. So when I say Pompi mesmerised the audience, I am talking about me and some patriotic patrons who are never get tired of body viewing. Otherwise, most seats were empty.

Just one last thing guys, if I don’t mention the sponsors, they won’t allow me in, next time. What? You think we pay for these things? No no no! just saying Platinum-Events-Productions Africa organised the event gets me in. Chao!