Celebrated songbird and performer Mampi is in beef with Hot FM breakfast show co-host Mutale Mwanza over remarks by the latter who said on live radio that she doesn’t fancy the latest release “Nyula Yako” from the Chimo ni Chimo hit maker.

“The ‘Nyula yako’ song by Mampi doesn’t make sense to many listeners like me,” Mwanza told her co-host during the famous Hot FM breakfast show last weekend.

But Mampi had no chill for the Radio personality either, and took to national television to respond.

“I don’t have a problem with opinions but if it’s personal I think it’s not good at all to air out personal issues on Radio especially if you are a DJ [or a presenter] because you are the one who is supposed to promote Zambian music and if you are going to start saying you are not interested, how would you not be interested in something that’s actually putting bread and butter on your table?” the songstress wondered.

“So it’s personal, she has her reasons but honestly, if there is anyone who is supposed to be bitter in this whole situation is me but it’s a long story, so in a nutshell, we just need to support each other and forget about personal issues and I think let’s not hold grudges because if I were the kind of person that holds grudges I don’t think I would have reached where I am right now in my career.”

And Mampi also took the opportunity to complain that there were so many talented Zambian women who were afraid of entering the music industry for fear of victimisation; plus a number of several other things she complained about. But we don’t have enough space for all that, so let’s move to the next story.