Singer Petersen Mukubesa Mundia has urged his fellow artistes to rally behind the newly elected Zambia Association of Musicians in order to resolve outstanding issues that have been affecting the music industry.

But the association has already been rocked with confusion, as members condemn the democratic system of electing its leaders.

In a statement, the Munyaule hit maker observed that Lusaka had no provincial music administration, a situation which he said was leaving the respobility in the hands of the national executive.

“Dear fellow musicians and music promoters, With the fact that we now have a new Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) National Executive Committee, it is only wise and productive that we attend and fix one very big component that has always missed in the way most ZAM NEC to help in effectively handling administration issues. I would like to invite ALL LUSAKA PROVINCE based artists to pay up for ZAM membership so that we can usher in a New PROVINCIAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE that will help relieve the National Executive off the duties meant to be done by provinces or let me say provincial level duties,” stated Petersen.

“I would also want to make mention that there are posts available to be occupied by desiring members and its the only way we can execute and fix events and occurrences within our precious and straggling music industry or sector if you like.

If you’re an artist, musician and promoter who is interested in effecting change and industry stability, please contact the National Executive Publicity Secretary Mr Brian ‘B Flow’ Bwembya, SG Gloria K. Siyazana or Vice SG Davison ‘Pivot Massaj’ Munsanda for membership payments and relevant information. Other provinces can start or/and continue mobilizing also. Its time to put the house in order.”

On Friday, ZAM held its extraordinary meeting and elected new office bearers with Tivo Shikapwasha talking over the chairmanship from Njoya Tembo. Other members of the newly elected executive include included Daputsa Nkhata-Zulu aka Sista D as vice president, Yahya Kaba aka KB K-Amy as treasurer and Greg Masautso Gondwe aka Classic as projects secretary.

Sista-D’s daughter Mwiza Zulu was elected research and documentation secretary.

Confusion however rocked the extraordinary meeting at Mika Convention Centre.
The meeting had delegates from all 10 provinces that gathered to elect a new executive, but before voting could begin conveners from Lusaka suggested that the ZAM constitution be amended to allow all members to vote and get rid of the previous clause that only allowed 5 people to vote per province.

However this did not sit well with members from other provinces as they argued that allowing all members to vote would disadvantage other provinces as Lusaka had more numbers.

Members from 8 provinces then decided to walk out leaving one member from Southern Province and members from Lusaka.
The meeting that started at 08 hrs in the morning and was supposed to end at 18hrs only ended at 01:00 hours the following morning. ZAM members have since petitioned National Arts Council, arguing that the newly elected executive only represents Lusaka and not the country.