A Solwezi-based entrepreneur says people, especially men, who avoid engaging in jobs they considered ‘dirty’ risk not achieving anything in life because that is where the money is.

Rodgers Mwewa said everyone had equal opportunities to do any business of their choice, including trading at markets, and it was up to individuals to take up the challenge and make a difference.

Speaking during a mentorship visit by a delegation of business development consultants in Solwezi, sponsored by Kansanshi Mining Plc, Mwewa noted that a change of mind-set was needed for people to seek fresh opportunities.

“My advice to friends who are too shy to do business is that they shouldn’t be shy because they will not do anything in life. I’ve never seen where it is written that women are the only ones who should trade at markets. My old friends can also have time to do business there,” Mwewa said.

Mwewa, the only man in a section of women traders at Kyawama market, said he took trading seriously because it was worthwhile.

He noted that working among women was not an obstacle, but the practice made him admirable for his hard work.

“This business gives me the kind of profit, which will take me somewhere. I can’t feel shy, because when women see me selling, they admire me. They say: ‘this is a good man without shyness; selling beans and caterpillars.’ If I feel shy, I’ll end up doing other things that will lead me astray. It’s better that I am trading and making money,” Mwewa narrated.

He said with knowledge gained from business workshops he would, in the next few years, open a wholesale shop alongside a retail shop.

And Fortune World Investments Chairman Andrew Kafuta said Mwewa’s mind-set was right for an entrepreneur; and encouraged him to register his business.

He said formalised business attracts more business opportunities from established institutions, which enable quicker business growth.

“Don’t fear the taxes, ZRA will not take money more than what is desired by the law, but you’ll have more horizon to cover, more leeway to do business with pleasure. I recommend that you follow all the laid down procedures then you’ll not be pushed around. Registration will give you more initiatives to widen the scope of business,” advised Kafuta.

– Story courtesy of SUMA SYSTEMS.