Chieftainess Nyanje of the Nsenga people in Sinda District has challenged uneducated parents to ensure their children stay in school and avoid engaging in traditional dances during weekdays.

Speaking to Nyau dancers from Matiya Village and the general public, Sunday, chieftainess Nyanje, who spoke through a senior induna Scout Phiri, stressed that children need to be educated.

She also warned children against engaging in the local traditional dance, commonly referred to as “gule wa mkulu” during school days, saying the practice should only be preserved for weekends.

“In all the chiefdom where this tradition is being practiced, there is a law that no gule wa mkulu should be practiced from Monday to Friday morning. All activities to start on Friday afternoon to Sunday, this is because we want our children to be educated. We, as old-aged, we did not acquire good education, but this generation deserves to be educated, hence let’s not impose our ignorance on our children! Let’s pave a way for them to be educated so that we can benefit later and also lay a good foundation for their brighter future,” chieftainess Nyanje appealed.

She reminded parents that “gule wa mkulu” was not meant for harassing people, but for entertainment purposes only.

“We don’t want to hear that gule has beaten someone. Gawa did not say gule should be a tool to threaten people, but that it’s a tradition that can be used to entertain people. It’s part of our culture as Africans so practice it wisely and if brutality and inhuman activities or practices are heard, then we are going to ban it,” she cautioned.

She also urged young boys to remain in school.

“Her royal highness doesn’t want to hear that a young boy who is supposed to go for school has been initiated. Young boys should be in school. Give them time to get an education. Let’s be mindful in sharpening the future of our children as our future progressive generation,” she stated.

Additionally, she cautioned against using the traditional dance for commercial purposes.

“This gule is not for business, avoid being booked in bars because it’s out there where confusion arises between the initiated and the civilians. Treat it as per tradition, respect it because it is our traditional in heritage,” advised chieftainess Nyanje.

Her royal highness’ appeal came in the wake of a boy from the area who was beaten up by Nyau dancers following an altercation.