THREE Major unions of the University of Zambia have accused the Institution’s new Vice Chancellor of misappropriating over three million kwacha.

In a letter to UNZA Vice Chancellor Professor Luke Mumba signed by UNZALARU President Evans Lampi, UNZAPROSU President Michael Kaluba and UNZAWU President M. Kapatazi and dated January 03, 2017, the three unions alleged that he had so far spent a total of three million on his individual items which were not in accordance with his conditions of service.
The unions also alleged that Prof Mumba had bought a personal industrial generator worth US$15, 000 when the institution lacked adequate office space.

They further accused him of buying a personal to holder vehicle which was far beyond his entitlement.

“You have spent K1.3 million on a VX8 in this institution where others were told to save,” read the letter in part.

The Unions also claimed that Professor Mumba had connected his residence to the UNZA power grid at a cost of K400,000.00.

They stated that Prof Mumba’s recent trip to China was fully sponsored by his hosts, but that he and his entourage had gotten per diem from UNZA for 12 days which was contrary to university regulations and his own austerity message.

UNZALARU, UNZAPROSU and UNZAWU argued that the three million kwacha which Prof Mumba spent on his personal items could have compensated a number of unpaid gratuities.

They advised Prof Mumba and his management to reflect on his spending and assist the university to settle debt owed to retirees instead of further entrapping the already “debt trapped” institution.