TRANSPARENCY International Zambia president Lee Habasonda says it is premature for President Edgar Lungu to start talking about 2021 elections because there are more pressing issues to address.

Habasonda called on all relevant authorities like the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) and the Constitutional Court to interpret the Constitution and guide the nation on the matter.

“It’s too early to start debating about the eligibility of the incumbent to contest in the 2021 elections when there are serious pressing issues like the army worms, unemployment, and the economy among other issues the country is facing,” said Habasonda .

However, Habasonda said the debate was healthy but he cautioned people to debate with integrity. He also asked President Lungu to put an end to the discussion for the sake of peace in the country.

Last week President Edgar Lungu announced that he was eligible to stand in the 2021 general elections. The President said he had read the Constitution and that he understood that he was eligible to re-contest the presidency in 2021.