THE Zambia Police Command has warned its officers to desist from mounting unauthorised traffic check points both in the central business district and the compounds.

In a statement today January 19, 2017, police public relations officer Esther Mwaata Katongo warned that any officer who would be found going against the directive would be dealt with accordingly.

“Police command had made it clear that all snap traffic check points should be mounted with authority from provincial police commissioners and that they should be properly devised and coordinated so that they are not an inconvenience to the traveling public,” Katongo stated.

Katongo advised traffic officers to devise other means of ensuring compliance on the roads such as increased motorised road patrols.

However, Katongo reminded motorists that the reduction in traffic check points should not warrant them to deliberately ignore the dictates of the law.

“We are sending a timely warning to motorists that Zambia police will where need arises, mount snap traffic check points in order to maintain law and order on the roads and as for public service motor vehicles, officers may check the vehicles from areas where they operate from so as to promote high levels of compliance,” stated Katongo.
“Furthermore, as Zambia police we shall continue the joint operation with Road Transport and Safety Agency and other stakeholders on both highways and local routes so as to pounce on all that would be found not complying with the provisions of the road traffic rules and regulations.”