PATRIOTIC Front Lusaka youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba says the Law Association of Zambia executive must resign for not giving guidance on the eligibility of President Edgar Lungu’s candidature in the 2021 general elections.

In an interview with the government controlled Zambia Daily Mail, Kamba said the youth were unhappy about LAZ’s silence on the 2021 debate.

“The youth are not happy with the continued silence of the Linda Kasonde-led executive over the eligibility of President Lungu’s candidature which is an important national matter and so they must resign,” Kamba said.

He claimed LAZ was silent because they knew President Lungu was eligible to re-contest.

“They know that the Constitution allows President Lungu to contest elections in 2021, hence their silent on this matter. It would be better for another executive to be put in place so that it can work according to people’s expectations because many of the officials at LAZ are politically inclined,” said Kamba.
LAZ president Linda Kasonde refused to react to Kamba’s statement.

President Lungu’s pronouncement that he will contest the 2021 elections has sparked a heated debate.

Former justice minister Wynter Kabimba said President Lungu was eligible to stand again while NAREP leader Elias Chipimo said the provisions of the law which Kabimba was quoting were non-applicable and has insisted that the Constitution does not allow President Lungu another term.

Four opposition party leaders, who campaigned for President Lungu in last year’s general elections, have taken the matter to the Constitutional Court, asking it to declare him eligible.