Former FODEP Executive Director MacDonald Chipenzi has described the ICC consultative process as a mockery to Zambians.

In an interview, Chipenzi said the government wanted to use the consultations as a conduit for perforating the national treasury.

He said it was overwhelmingly to learn that majority citizens were against the decision to withdraw Zambia’s membership from the ICC.

“This should be soothing and thrilling to many of us who did not want Zambia to leave the ICC and embarked on a quiet campaign against any move to leave the ICC. There now remains a responsibility from government as promised by Hon Given Lubinda, Minister of Justice, to respect whatever outcome from these Mock consultations on ICC,” Chipenzi said.

“The credibility of the government position on the ICC will depend on its reaction and how transparent it would be in handling the outcomes from the Mock Consultations especially those that would come from the District Commissioners of the non-consulted districts.”

He further observed that Zambians seemed to be on high alert against present and future leaders who would want to develop an insatiable appetite for genocide, crimes against humanity and aggression.
“These are mock consultations on the ICC as they are being used as a conduit for perforating the national treasury, the exit polls so far from the consulted districts, show that the ‘remain in the ICC camp’ [vote] has seemingly taken the day,” said Chipenzi.