Panic after IG, Amos phone call leak

A combined team of police and officers from the Zambia Information Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) have raided CEC Liquid Telecom in search of phone tapping equipment.

The move comes in the wake of a leaked telephone conversation between President Edgar Lungu’s spokesperson Amos Chanda and Inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja in which the State House press aide is urging the police commander to use force when dealing with opposition political party supporters.

Take a listen:

The recording was released anonymously, leaving the police and the technology authority to launch an investigation.

Today, ZICTA and police officers raided the Wholesale Internet Service provider to confiscate what they believe to be equipment used for phone tapping, in violation of the ZICTA Act.

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Comment on article:

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Zambia FIRST
Zambia FIRST

You see what I mean! if we were under a military regime, the whole ZICTA board and management could have being held and jailed… No time wasters, phone tapping is a very serious case than the upnd’s current case. For it boards on national security.
Fire the whole board and management. NO EXCUSES!

Lusaka 1
Lusaka 1

Having listened to the conversation over and over again, it sounds like that was a set-up by the caller… To be very fair, the receiver (the purported – Police IG) was very smart in how he was talking/answering. At no point for example did he lead the conversation… was he aware that he was being taped?
Advise for my dear friend and brother Amos Chanda – be very careful and please try to be covert next time, for the betterment of Plot 1/ your job and all those /us that care about you.

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