Rainbow Party General Secretary Wynter Kabimba says people must reject both the PF and UPND because they are both founded on principles of hooliganism.

And Kabimba says the newly upgraded first level hospitals are “death traps” because lack adequate medical personnel.

Meanwhile, Kabimba insists that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s conduct in Mongu was reckless and it is up to the courts to assess if the charge of treason is appropriate.

Speaking when he featured on Pan African Radio yesterday, Kabimba observed that both the PF and UPND were violent parties.

“We condemn the clashes between UPND and PF because a political party should not be founded on a culture of hooliganism and its support should not be derived from youths that are driven into violence; whether within the party or inter-party. Zambians must reject both the Patriotic Front party and UPND because they are violent parties. People did not vote for PF so that their cadres should be beating them and stealing from them. So this is a culture that we are fighting as Rainbow party,” Kabimba said.

“We as Rainbow Party have a already started a programme within ourselves to scrutinize members because our constitution is very clear that if someone is going to be a member of the Rainbow Party, they have to respect other members within the party as well as those people who are none members of our party because they have the right to belong to other political parties. In fact, the punishment for molesting a none member of our party is expulsion.”

He also urged other political parties not to entertain “bullies” in their parties as that would help put an end to violence.

Kabimba said Zambians would not experience violence when his party assumes power in 2021.

“Under the Rainbow Party leadership, you will not see what is happening now and you will see in 2021 when power is transferred from PF to the Rainbow Party it will be a very peaceful transfer of power. No one will be harassed in PF in the post elections scenario when the Rainbow government takes over because we shall treat them as brothers and sisters,” he said.

And Kabimba said the newly commissioned first level hospitals were death traps.

“Before you upgrade clinics to hospitals, start first by having doctors so that they can work from there because currently they are just increasing the number of mortuaries. So now we have a mortuary in the UTH and the one in Chilenje which was commissioned a few days ago and another one which was opened in Matero yesterday. What they are doing is opening mortuaries and not hospitals because all these institutions are death traps,” Kabimba said.

He advised government to train enough staff to work in hospitals before upgrading them.

Meanwhile, Kabimba told-off UPND members who castigated him over his remarks on the infamous Mongu road rage between President Edgar Lungu and HH.

“Stop quarreling with me. I am not a UPND member, no. I did not attack or celebrate Hichilema’s arrest but the point I made was that the conduct of the UPND leadership and that convoy, was reckless and still stand by that. But if you want to say that the behaviour was good or if that is what is what is going to make you take me as a good person then I am sorry because I don’t agree with you,” said Kabimba.

“But as for the charges, I still maintain that it should be left for courts to decide.

Kabimba also insisted that Zambia’s economic recovery was not dependent on support from the International Monetary Fund or World Bank.