In this five-minute audio, United Progressive People president Saviour Chishimba says the impeachment ploy against LAZ is aimed at allowing criminal-minded politicians masquerading as lawyers to be in charge of the legal profession.

He advises lawyers to treat the motion with disdain.

Saviour notes that the motion to impeach LAZ president Linda Kasonde is misguided and politically motivated.

“The impeachment ploy comes at a time that the PF-MMD regime has embarked on a scheme to usher in a legal regime, which will affect the legal profession. This is not the time to allow divisions at the hands of criminally minded individuals who are hiding under the banner of politics and law practice. It is a very dangerous thing to ever contemplate that ex-convicts should spearhead the call to change the law at a time that the country is more divided than ever before under the PF-MMD regime,” Saviour says.

He also says the Judiciary has disappointed Zambians who have lost confidence in it and the hope of the justice system primarily lies in the unity of legal practitioners.

He further says the authoritarianism and abuse of human rights currently being experienced in Zambia is capable of depriving the country of the much needed investment.

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