The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has resumed issuance of road tax after restoring its system used for recording and printing motor vehicle data.

RTSA Public Relations Manager Fredrick Mubanga said in a statement today that the system which broke down on May 02, 2017, had partially been restored.

“This notice serves to inform the General Public that the Road Transport and Safety Agency has normalised its operations following a network failure due to a technical fault. Therefore, all RTSA offices will remain open after the normal working hours from 17:00 hours to 19:00 hours from Monday to Friday and also Saturdays up to 13:00 hours until further notice,” Mubanga said.

“Additionally, motor vehicle owners are reminded to produce original copies of the Registration Certificate (White Book) for all motor vehicle related transactions such as the payment for Road Tax, Inspection for Road worthiness and Physical Examinations.”

He advised all motorists with expired road service licenses to go and get them replaced.

“Similarly, applicants for Driver License renewal will be required to produce the original expired or old License card and will be issued with a new one instantly,” Mubanga stated.

However, Mubanga stated that the issuance of the above named documents would only be done at selected centers.

“Members of the public should however note that the connectivity with our outsourced partners (ZISC and ZAMPOST) is still in process,” stated Mubanga.