African Presidents plan to boycott UN Summit

African leaders have proposed to boycott this year’s United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), a protest that is expected to advance the continents fight for a permanent seat on UN Security Council

According to the Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS), Sierra Leone President Dr Ernest Koroma proposed that time had come for radical decisions to claim what was rightfully just for Africa.

Dr. Koroma said this during the official opening of the fourth African Union (AU) Committee of ten (C10) summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

Dr. Koroma who is also coordinator of the AU C10 said it was shocking that the UN could make decisions on Africa without the continent making inputs to secure her interests with a veto power.

“The dignity of Africa is at stake. We need to speak and act with one voice. Time for negotiations is over,” said Dr. Koroma

“President Edgar Lungu who was among five Heads of State attending the summit gave solidarity to Dr. Koroma’s proposal with a thumbs up and strong handshake,” reported ZANIS.

Other African leaders who attended the summit are Hage Geingop of Namibia, Dennis Sasoungueso of Congo Brazzaville and host President Theodore Mbasogo.

And President Mbasogo stated that the only way Africa could accelerate her push for permanent representation in the United Nations Security Council was to adopt aggressive methods.

President Mbasogo regretted that 12 years of discussions yielded nothing for Africa’s cause.

He said the Ezulwini consensus of 2005, which spelled out Africa’s common position for permanent representation on the UN Security Council should not be abandoned.
President Mbasogo accused the west of ignoring Africa’s demands and discrimination in the application of decisions and actions of the UN, in addressing the political and socio-economic problems affecting the African continent.

“Africa has a concrete claim to UN Security Council representation. We have been affected by wrong decisions of the UN Security Council which need redress,” said President Mbasogo.

And Chairperson of the African Union Musa Mohammed who was represented by Commissioner for Political Affairs Minata Cesouma said Africa’s 55 voices could only be heard once the continent has a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

And President Edgar Lungu attended a state banquet for the Heads of State and government representatives attending the C10 summit hosted by President Theodore Mbasogo.


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Zambia First
Zambia First
This is exactly what we as Africans/black people, as a continent NEED, Leaders who speak beyond their national pride or ethno-political dynamics but for the whole Africa. The UN is a fraud institution whose purpose is only to serve the interest of the west/Washington consensus group. E.G. why should Europe which represents only 1/5 of the world population have two permanent security council members UK/France? African with the largest voting block of countries in the general assembly (see the link below) have zero members on the security council, and yet all its decisions are made by Europe and USA…… Read more »
Really? For real? Phew!!! Come October / November we the 68% of Zambians who live below the poverty line will be spared the USD300,000 that was used to charter a plane full of cadres to go shopping in New York. Nakuba bufi!! This is like a relative that pesters you for that and this threatening not to come to your home!!! Kikikikiki!! Ati, ‘The dignity of Africa is at stake. We need to speak and act with one voice. Time for negotiation is over,’ said Dr. Koroma. Meanwhile the UN Security Council’s primary mandate is for the maintenance of international… Read more »

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