People’s Party Leader Mike Mulongoti says President Edgar Lungu is not any different from the colonial masters because he is also an authoritarian leader who has killed democracy and unleashed the police on defenceless citizens.

And Mulongoti says President Lungu should not ask donors and investors to leave the country because he has no capacity to replace the donor aid that Zambia is currently receiving.

Mulongoti told News Diggers! in an interview this morning that the Head of State did not mind the fact that Zambians were suffering because he was personally comfortable in State House.

“President Lungu does not need donors, it’s Zambians who need them. President Lungu has not given the people of Mandevu, Chawama any drainage or clean water. It’s the donors who are giving them all those things. So if he tells them to pack up and go, what is he saying? He has got clean fresh water at State House, he has got motor vehicles and even food but the average person is looking for help and he has not been providing that help, so why should he chase the donors now? When he was living in Chawama and Mutendere himself, didn’t he suffer from those challenges? For him to tell the donors who are helping us to go when he has failed to provide just drainage and water, then he is being selfish and he is not supposed to be like that,” Mulongoti said.

“That greed is not right. He must not consider himself more important than the rest of Zambians just because he is comfortable now. And because he is comfortable, he does not care how people feel, how they suffer for water, how they suffer for power, and he can tell the donors to pack and go because it’s okay with him. Let him do what is right for the people of Zambia, let him encourage the donors to support us as much as they can not what he is saying.”

Police beat UPND supporters – Picture by Joseph Mwenda

Mulongoti said President Lungu was a dictator who was abusing the Presidency.


“What is the difference between Lungu and the colonialists? Under colonial rule, we were not free to speak freely, its worse now. Under colonial rule police were beating blacks, today our fellow blacks in police uniform are killing citizens. This is worse than colonial rule. The colonialists were denying us to buy things from the door and we could only buy through the window. How about Lungu, we can’t even go to the shops now to buy anything because we have no money, so what’s the difference?” Mulongoti wondered.

“We have lost all that we acquired by picking on the wrong candidate as President and now he has become the new colonial master who has colonised our democracy. And they want to pretend that all is well in African countries? No things are not okay and it’s evident that people are stressing and he [President Lungu] wants to continue using those Ambassadors and High Commissioners as if they are his personal employees. Those people are paid by the tax payer and a tax payer doesn’t mean Mr Lungu and his friends. It means every tax payer in Zambia who pays for the maintenance and comfort of those ambassadors abroad,” he said.

And Mulongoti urged the Zambian diplomats to always remember that they had been sent to various countries to give a service to the Zambian people and not their political parties.

“What we want those diplomats and Ambassadors to do is for them to show loyalty to the people of Zambia and not loyalty to individuals in their parties. One example is Emmanuel Mwamba in South Africa,he is a proper cadre. We didn’t send him their as a cadre, we sent him there to be Ambassador of Zambia. But his time is surely coming and when that time comes, we will be here waiting,” said Mulongoti.