United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary General Stephen Katuka says Wynter Kabimba is just looking for publicity because his party has never asked him sympathise with Hakainde Hichilema.

On Wednesday, Kabimba, who is Rainbow Party leader asked the UPND to deal with their problems the way he dealt with his after being fired by Michael Sata.

“I haven’t been to visit HH in prison but I wish him well. When there were coffins and ranting around Lusaka against Wynter Kabimba, did you hear me blame anybody about that incident? I fought the battle alone. I was facing prosecution recently on criminal complaint that was filed by former president Rupiah Banda, did you hear me scream to the high heaven that am being persecuted? Did you hear me tell anybody in the UPND to come to court to come and witness my prosecution? No! I fought that alone, so they have prominent members in the UPND, they have big wigs in the UPND the Milupis, the Nevers Mumbas, the Guy Scotts, that builds this ground well of support which we saw during the run-up to the elections and made them believe that UPND was going to win. Those are the people they should be calling upon to render support internally. If they are going to concentrate on Wynter Kabimba and the Rainbow party! they will be missing the point,” said Kabimba.

Kabimba also accused the UPND of declaring war against everyone; the PF, the Electoral Commission of Zambia and other political parties which did not agree with them.
But in an interview yesterday, Katuka said no one in his party had asked Kabimba for sympathy.

“I have not seen Wynter Kabimba for I don’t even know how long. From the time before elections up to now I have never met him. So I don’t know who those members of our party seeking solidarity from him are, because the President is incarcerated, the vice-president is not around also. So who are those members that he is talking about?” Katuka wondered.

“You know that he [Kabimba] is just looking for attention and some publicity for his political party. I don’t have anything much I can say about that because I haven’t really heard of anyone who has approached Kabimba to seek for solidarity but he is my younger brother so all I can tell him is to just come down.”

Katuka also dismissed allegations that his party had declared war against everyone saying his party was peaceful.

“Which war have we declared and who have we fought with? If there is any party that has been peaceful is our party. Even with the incarceration of our president, we have never done anything illegal and that shows how mature and law abiding we are as a party because we know very well that people thought that we were going to set the country ablaze if they incarcerate our president. But we believe that this country is ours and we go to court peacefully when our president is appearing just to provide solidarity like any other law abiding citizen would do, so there is no body doing us a favor and we are just here waiting to see that the law takes its course. We have not declared any war against anyone,” said Katuka.