PF sponsored MMD youths led by Gerald Chiluba and former ZANASU vice president Prince Ndoyi, blocked party president Nevers Mumba from appearing on a live radio program at 5FM.

Mumba was scheduled to appear on the ‘Burning Issue’ radio programme on 5FM this morning, but when he arrived at the radio station, he found youths who blocked him from going ahead.

Chiluba told News Diggers! that Mumba was going to escalate the view that President Edgar Lungu had become a dictator, a view that he said would paint the country as a dictatorship in the eyes of the international community.

He added that his team had a problem with Mumba’s continued featuring on Radio Stations in the capacity of MMD president.

“Just yesterday, we witnessed an address from the President where he was emphasizing on the need for us to be patriotic, on the need for us to be morally upright because such kind of behavior by Dr Nevers Mumba should not be tolerated. We don’t have a problem of allowing Dr Mumba to feature on media as the former vice president and also as the former MMD president, but what we have is the problem of his continued appearing on the media as president of the MMD which is totally against what the laws of this country stipulate,” said Chiluba.

When contacted, Mumba said the youth were from the PF and not from the MMD.

“Those who are their do not represent the spirit of the MMD and they do not represent my spirit as president of the MMD, they do not represent democracy at all and that is number one. Number two you need to call the police because this is in a state of emergency that no one should provoke any unnecessary situation which might lead to the disturbance of peace and even loss of peace. So please make sure you inform the police and let them know that there are some PF people outside that have come to disturb the peace that we are suppose to enjoy as a country,” said Mumba.