A recorded conversation among PF youths, obtained by News Diggers! has revealed their frustrations with Secretary General Davies Mwila and deputy Mumbi Phiri, whom they accuse of failing to manage the ruling party.

But Mwila says the youths are ordinary members who don’t know how much he is doing to mobilize the Patriotic Front grassroots around the country.

Meanwhile PF media and publicity director Sunday Chanda says it is unfortunate that the youths were accusing the ruling party chief executive of not working, adding that Mwila and Mumbi were the best combination that has ever led the secretariat.

In the recording, renowned militant PF supporter Julius Komaki and Alex Kanyelele are exchanging views over the luck of morale within the party. They go ahead to suggest that Mwila has not yet gotten over his election loss in Chipili constituency and that Mumbi was equally frustrated because she wanted to be Munali member of parliament as well as Minister.

“Secretariat ilya mupele abantu ababa frustrated ukuraning’a. Aba abaiche baliishibe bwino baamba ukubomfya, nomba umulomo. Wemuntu umukulu niwe walaumfwila umulomo? Nomba bafilwa ukucita manage aba abaice, ichalo echo balacita manage? Bafilwa ukucita manage cipili icalo echo balacita manage? (You have given the secretariat to frustrated people to run. These youths they are using knew how to work, but the gossip… How can a senior member listen to gossip? Then you fail to manage the youths, how can you manage the country? You failed to manage Chipili (Constituency), how can you manage a country?),” Kanyelele is heard saying in the recording during a chat at the airport.

“Balefwaya bu MP nabu minister ebo baishiba, balya nabo, balefwaya kumunali, nabu minister, chapwa, ebo mwapela party ati raning’eni. Bali frustrated, tefyo balefwaya, umuntu kumupela efyo alefwaya, epo alabomba bwino. Not ifi, abantu balikakikwa, tapali morale. (They wanted ministerial positions, that’s what they know. That other one wanted to be Munali MP and a ministerial position. Those are the people you have given the party to run. They are frustrated, you are supposed to give someone what they want to do, that’s when they can work properly, not like this. people are tied up, there is no morale in the party).”

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But Mwila said the ruling party was big and it was not possible for every member to like him.

“They are just like members on the street, how do you respond to them? It doesn’t concern me. Members can say anything. In the entire country or membership, not everyone will like you. Some will say bad things some will say good things, that’s just how life is,” said Mwila.

When told that the youths felt he was not working because he was not on the ground to mobilise the party, Mwila said only the party leadership would tell him if he was not performing.

“It is not them to tell me that I am not mobilising the party, it’s the structures; and I have been going round the country. They don’t know that? Next week we are going to Western Province, what are they talking about?” asked Mwila.

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Meanwhile, Chanda defended Mwila, saying the party executive was discharging his duties to the best of his capacity.

“The Secretary General of the Patriotic Front remains solidly in charge of the day-to-day affairs of the party and anyone alleging otherwise is ignorant of the state of the Party. The Secretary General is number three in the hierarchy of this country and is higher than Cabinet ministers. He is beyond any sort of imagined frustration and those who are thinking as such will wake up to a rude awakening as Hon Mwila leads the Party into high mobilisation gear,” said Chanda.

“We therefore urge members of the Party not to fall prey to frustrated voices within. The party is bigger and greater than any one individual. Loyal members have a duty to rebuild without being distracted… Honourable Mwila and Ambassador Mumbi Phiri are the best combination that has ever led the secretariat and therefore, that recording should be dismissed with contempt”