Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) does not want to support measures being taken by government to stop acts of arson because they are not affected.

Speaking to journalists at the PF secretariat yesterday, Chanda said LAZ did not want to support the Presidents’ invocation of Article 31 to because cases of arson neither affected them nor their children.

“The invocation of Article 31 is producing desired results and ordinary people have nothing to worry about as police are enforcing law and order. Right now, there is no need to escalate the measures that have already been put in place. So far so good, the President has not seen the need at this moment to escalate the measures [for the Threatened State of Emergency]. Honourable [Given] Lubinda outlined the measures that are in force and he also outlined the measures that can be enforced if these measures are not sufficient and so far so good, the police are reporting tremendous progress with regards investigations [through] arrests and also prevention of other activities as I have to you attempts have been made on oxygen chambers on Hospitals,” said Chanda.

“Individuals have attempted to blow up oxygen chambers at the UTH in the Children’s ward at UTH and even though the Law Association of Zambia does not think that is serious enough to warrant the government to move in, well it’s because maybe they don’t have children in the ward at UTH or if the Law Association of Zambia as an institution does not think that an attempt on 250 mega watts power line is not serious enough, again we leave it to people’s judgment because the Law Association of Zambia will not be affected.”