In this audio, President Edgar Lungu says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s issue is about accepting or refusing the election results.

Responding to questions from South African journalists who wanted to know what the country’s security situation was during a tour of some stands at the 91st Agriculture and Commercial show today, President Lungu challenged HH to produce evidence that he won the polls.

“He is a suspect like any other suspect. The courts of law are there to deal with the matter. I don’t know why people are driving the story, so I can let you in, President Obasanjo has just gone to Kabwe to see this gentleman and he told me ‘I will just go and tell him that just accept the results, why are you wasting time’ because you see for me, it is just about accepting the results or not. He hasn’t accepted the results but he hasn’t told anyone why. I have seen the results, we had SADC, COMESA, we had the AU, we had the EU, we had the Commonwealth, everybody who cared came to see our elections and I won. He went to court and he had no evidence. Now can you ask him you as media to tell you where is his evidence so that you hear him, and if he convinces you, you tell me, then I will also hear him,” President Lungu said.

And he said the situation in Zambia was normal.

“The political situation is Zambia is normal and I have been told the situation in Zambia is bad. But you guys are the people who can tell the story from what you have seen. If there is anything you have seen, ask me and I will explain. That is the situation, the situation you have seen is the normal situation. People are going around, trading, enjoying life, worshiping and doing whatever they do ordinarily. But people are telling me that the situation in Zambia, tell me what the situation in Zambia is, you have been here,” said President Lungu.

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