The South African National Broadcasting (SABC) has angered the Zambian ruling Patriotic Front after that country’s national broadcaster named President Edgar Lungu “Jonathan” in one of its stories.

Zambia invited South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma to officiate at the Agriculture and Commercial show, but it was the wrong caption that stole the limelight, creating a tiff between PF and SABC.

“The ‘mistake’ by South African Broadcasting Corporation with regards to captioning the President of Zambia as “JONATHAN Lungu” is not only regrettable, malicious and insulting to the Presidency and the country at large, but also deserves an unreserved apology from the media house,” PF Secretary General Davies Mwila was quoted as saying.

PF media director Sunday Chanda said Mwila described the act as unprofessional, malicious and insulting.

“‘Jonathan Lungu?’ Like really? This is the same media house that the Zambian Government did give permission to cover LIVE the inauguration of His Excellency President Edgar Lungu. As a Party, we feel that the actions of SABC were nothing but antagonistic with intent to malign. SABC like any other media house worth it’s salt in the region must have names of Presidents on their fingertips. Inasmuch as mistakes do happen, the bare minimum expected from SABC is an equivocal apology, ” said Mwila.