In this audio, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema narrates to BBC reporter Kennedy Gondwe how he survived 127 days in prison.

Hichilema is also asked what he will say to President Edgar Lungu when the two leaders’s meet for the much anticipated dialogue.

Meanwhile, Hichilema says he cannot forget about the past and look forward to 2021 when there are so many unresolved issues regarding the electoral process in Zambia.

“Terrible, in simple language, extremely dehumanising. A lot of torture goes on in those prisons. To start with we were made to sleep on the cold floor. We were made to use buckets to answer the call of nature, both urine and faecal matter. We were locked up in those cells for 16 hours every day. There is no ventilation, no windows at all, people are dying there. Those are death chambers, there are no mattresses, no blankets; people sleep by sitting in each other’s front,” said Hichilema

Take a listen: