UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says subcontracting in the mining sector must be done carefully so as to safeguard miners’ jobs.

In a statement today, Hichilema said no miner is expected to lose their job when copper prices are doing well on the world market.

“We have been receiving numerous reports and representation on the happenings on the Copperbelt particularly in the mining sector as the mining giant KCM undergoes through structural adjustments and engages contractors to manage some of their operations. As UPND, we believe this issue of subcontracting must be carefully managed to avoid job losses as was the case last year when thousands of miners lost their jobs,” Hichilema said.

“As the copper prices are doing fairly well on the world market once again, we do not expect any job losses in the sector and we actually think more of our people can be employed by mining houses once again. While appreciating the sub contracting process is going through, this must be done in the interest of the miners, while considering all possible outcomes.”

He urged KCM to keep their promise of keeping the miners’ jobs.

“We note the undertaking by KCM management that the interest of the workers will be taken care of and we urge them keep their promise of keeping jobs. As UPND, we shall do everything possible to safeguard the interest of the miners so that they can keep their jobs. We stand ready to defend and support the miners and any Zambian so that they keep their jobs and continue with their lives,” said Hichilema.