People Party’s president Mike Mulongoti says the PF are creating bad laws that will soon come back to haunt them when they leave government.

Reacting to the Constitution provisions which mandates government to provide more campaign funds to political parties with more members of parliament, Mulongoti said that was a selfish approach.

“The way the Constitution was framed, it was tilted towards their interest. The beneficiaries of this law are those who have MPs in Parliament, so you can see the selfishness on their part. But looking at the way they have performed, they don’t have a future. Because of that they must be mindful of the fact that it won’t be long before they are on the street,” Mulongoti said.

“So if you are going to put laws that benefit you while you are in Parliament, what happens when you are out?
You cannot say there is nothing for you because you are not in Parliament, it happens to everybody and next time the PF may not have MPs there. Our cry is that if you are going to empower people who are already strong, that is a selfish approach. That is what we are against. The PF knew about this provision in the draft constitution but they did not remove it because it benefits them.”

He stressed that it was undemocratic for government to fund only political parties with representation in Parliament.

“Why should they empower those who are already in government when they are the ones in power, having all the pleasure? Is that the kind of thinking for someone who wants to promote democracy in the country?” wondered Mulongoti.

“We are not worried about what they are saying because they think that by being members of Parliament they will sway money in their direction and keeping it to themselves. These are on their way out so its not a thing to worry about. We should instead worry about those of us looking towards the future so that we are more equitable in our approach.”