UPND national chairperson Mutale Nalumango says the PF is a shameless party that takes pride in alarming the nation with false statement.

Nalumango was reacting to a story where the PF accused the UPND of having killed a member of the ruling party in Chilanga, a statement which was later retracted after it emerged that the victim did not die.

In an interview with news Diggers! Nalumango charged that the PF always made claims without facts.

“Sunday chanda wants to be talking all the time even without facts simply because he feels the PF will forever remain in power through violence. The PF should have first of all carried out an investigation with regards to who attacked who, and later announced if at all there was a death,” Nalumango said.

“But the PF are shameful in the sense that they have an ill intention to alarm the country so as to paint the UPND black. But we really don’t care as we and many citizens know for a fact that our party is peace loving. The PF are the ones who are violent as it is evident enough through the actions of their cadres. One of them beat up the police, secondly they do not respect human rights and lastly they behave as if they did not get into office through an election.”

On Sunday, Chanda, the PF media director issued a statement on behalf of the Secretary General, announcing the death of a PF supporter identified as Teacher Kalaluka, and went further to accuse the UPND as being responsible.

“Kalaluka, a youthful member of out party who volunteered his time to participate in the by -elections campaign was hacked by UPND caders armed with stones and other objects has dead at the university teaching hospital,” said Chanda.

The Police however refuted Chanda’s claim saying the said cadre was not even among those who were involved in the by-election clash.

Chanda later retracted the statement and apologised.