Kantanshi Independent member of parliament Anthony Mumba says Chishimba Kambwili should watch what he says about institutions of government which he is relying on for his politically survival.

And Mumba, the former trade secretary at the Zambian High Commission in the United Kingdom, says Kambwili’s mouth is not coordinating properly with his actions.

Mumba told News Diggers in an interview today that Kambwili risked losing his followers with the manner he conducted himself in parliament on Tuesday when he stood to debate about President Edgar Lungu’s speech.

“He is saying that I cant go to [report corruption at] ACC because ACC is not going to do anything. To the contrary, even him, politically he is surviving by having taken the matter to court, another institution of government. So he is saying that he is living in a country which does not respect laws but you are politically surviving on the platform that again you are saying is corrupt,” Mumba observed.

“He stood on the floor of the house saying ‘I still love PF but remove the President’, but it is the same PF which you are saying is corrupt. So how do you now inspire those who are looking up to you? Leadership is not about you, it is about the masses. So how do the masses follow you when you are losing them? One minute you are standing on this point, the next minute you are standing on another, where do you leave your people?”

Mumba also questioned Kambwili why he challenged his expulsion in court if he did not believe in the three wings of government.

“Am not getting Honorable Chishimba Kambwili, especially with the manner he conducted himself in parliament yesterday (Tuesday). He is saying that he is still PF and that he loves his party so dearly but at the same time he is saying that the party he loves is corrupt. What does he mean? So for me, my observation is that the man could be speaking out of bitterness,” said Mumba.

“He brought out issue of President Lungu sleeping in a garage before becoming president and that he has now become reach out of nowhere. I cant really get him, is he saying that President Lungu should step aside then the corruption in the party will end? Really his thinking and what comes out of his mouth are not coordinating,” said Mumba.