Emerald Production Watch of Zambia says government should ensure that citizens benefit from emerald mining.

In a statement, Emerald Production Watch of Zambia president Musa Kafimbwa stated observed that many jobs could be created in the sector.

“We believe that as our government promotes its diversification program from being copper dependence to agriculture, but emerald mininig is other option that the Zambian government can promote towards job creation,” Kafwimba stated.

He appealed to the investors in the sector to employ more people.

“As an association we understand that Zambians have not benefited fully to emerald productions as compared to the country’s benefits from copper production. We therefore appeal to those investors in the Emerald sector to also provide local people with employment locals. Let the ministry of labour take keen interest concerning labour matters in the emerald sector as our people are still underpaid. Meanwhile we have noted with concerns that a number of local jobs are still been offered to foreign nationals despite locals having qualified for the same ranks,” stated Kafwimba.