The Felix Mutati MMD faction says no one should demonise them because the ruling party retained power by riding on Rupiah Banda’s back in 2015.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Christian Voice’s Chat Back today, MMD national secretary Rapheal Nacacinda said it was hypocritical for expelled Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili to take a swipe at the MMD just because he was frustrated with PF.

“People should not demonise the working relationship between MMD and the Patriotic Front. We should actually celebrate. The society must realize that we are not enemies. We are Zambians who hold different views but there is a possibility for us to harmonize our different opportunities and policies for a greater good. And its hypocritical, the highest level of it for honorable Kambwili to try and take a swipe on MMD for his frustrations in PF,” Nakacinda said.

“First of all, it is very clear and every Zambian knows that in 2015, PF and President Edgar Lungu would not have won that election without the input of MMD although the input came as a result of unfortunate circumstances within MMD. Ultimately, it is very clear that the victory was secured at the back of MMD supporters through the former president. And the members who held a view at that particular time for the former president to be given an opportunity to stand, opted to support President Edgar Lungu after not being successful.”

And Nakacinda said thorough investigations must be done if the allegations of corruption in the purchase of fire tenders are valid.

“And if there is indeed validity to the allegations of corruption [in the purchase of fire tenders], there must be thorough investigations. What I know is that there are indications that ACC had undertaken preliminary investigations and announced that the procedure was clean. But if there is further engagement and people have information, it is the duty for those who are alleging to furnish the security agencies with the necessary information that will bring to book the culprits and any form of corruption. Moving forward, there is a clear road map that has been pronounced by the Minister of Finance to fix the law so that we are able to put measures not only to do with fire tenders but across the board that when government is seeking for goods and services, there will be a defined way through which the goods and services will be undertaken and put a bench mark in terms of pricing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nakacinda said the 2018 budget, which was presented by their president Mutati, was promising.

“The 2018 budget seems to be promising now that we are going to begin a stabilization and growth program for our economy. More money has been allocated to social services, social cash transfer, agriculture, health and education. We are now getting in the direction where we are going to undertake economic activities that will be beneficial in the day to day livelihood of Zambians,” said Nakacinda.