UPP president Saviour Chishimba says he will produce documentary evidence of State House corruption on Wednesday at what he has termed the “mother of all press conferences”.

Speaking on UNZA Radio’s Lusaka Star program today, Chishimba said his revelations would shake the foundation of the corrupt.

“Now that there is a challenge concerning corruption operations. On Wednesday this week, after tomorrow, UPP is going to hold the mother of Anti-Corruption conferences in Zambia. A conference such that Zambia has never seen before, a conference which is going to shake the foundation of the corrupt. We are inviting media houses to come to Number 10 Reedbuck Road, Kabulonga. Documentary evidence, mind you, we are very professional because we understand how government runs, we are not in the business of cheap political rhetoric because corruption allegations are very serious don’t just yup, just talking ‘kubwatabwatwa fye’ produce the evidence you say on this day this is what happened and UPP is going to do that this Wednesday,” Chishimba said.

He said he welcomed President Edgar Lungu’s challenge to produce evidence of corruption and he would show how millions of dollars were being put in offshore accounts.

“We will not tell you what we shall be talking about, what we will do is that we will name the companies, we are starting with the three companies corporations that have direct links with State House. We will show the links between State House and those corporations then after showing the links between those corporations and State House, we are going to also with evidence the amounts of money that they have plundered millions of dollars more than the fire tender amount we are talking about millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars so when we show you that we are also going to show how this money is being repatriated into offshore accounts, we will even show the method that they are using, we will even show withdraws,” he said.

“In countries like Belgium among others we will show the link between these corporations and how they funded the PF campaign in 2016. It’s a very serious revelation we welcome that challenge as I have told you we love challenges we like challenges in the UPP. Come with your WhatsApp phones, we are going to transmit audios on these things that we are talking about. The corrupt people who are behind the state capture in Zambia, we don’t speak rhetoric, that will be the first corruption expose in Zambia.”

Chishimba said PF officials were ranting because they were guilty.

“…that’s why no one in the PF can come out of this ‘filya balanda ati ifyakulya ubushilu fitulika kumalushi. Nangu ba kolwe ba seka nefi pato (Bemba proverb meaning nothing is hidden forever)’, they have stolen! This confusion you are seeing in their rant is the doing of the lord ‘pantu lesa nimalyotola,’” said Chishimba.