Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president Sean Tembo and his team today conducted a peaceful protest against the procurement of 42 fire tenders at the cost of $42 million dollars by government.

Tembo and his team marched from Levy Mall to the Ministry of Local Government and Housing, carrying placards with messages like “Abash cowardice”, “viva fire tender investigation”, and “wake up Zambia its our money” among others.

Addressing journalists outside the ministry shortly after the march, Tembo said he would next week present a petition to President Edgar Lungu demanding for a forensic investigation audit on the fire tender acquisition.

Tembo alleged that there was possible corruption that motivated the acquisition of the fire trucks.

“We are not interested in a commission of inquiry, we are not interested in a parliamentary committee, we are not interested in an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission or any other government agency we are just interested in an independent forensic audit and we are in the process of preparing a petition which we are going to present to President Lungu sometime next week. We are going to demand that an important forensic investigation is done in this matter so that every person who is accountable, every person who unduly benefited from this fire tender should be held accountable. Those who committed administrative errors such as making foolish decisions need to be either dismissed from service or they need to be demoted. Those who committed criminal acts need to be prosecuted accordingly. That is the reason why we are here ladies and gentlemen,” Tembo said.

He said Zambians did not get value for their money in the fire tender deal.

“For example Indeni Oil Refinery bought fire tenders, brand new last year in March from Italy at a cost of $350 thousand each, when you look at the fire tenders that Indeni bought and you compare the fire tenders that Ministry of Local Government bought, the fire tenders that Ministry of Local Government bought looks like total scrap. So we believe that we did not get our value for money in this particular transaction and therefore we are not happy, and since we are not happy, we have decided to demonstrate as we are doing at the moment,” said Tembo.

Police officers keep vigil at Ministry of Lands when Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) members held a peaceful demonstration over the procurement of fire tenders in Lusaka on October 11, 2017 –
Picture by Tenson Mkhala
Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) demonstrate over the procurement of fire tenders on October 11, 2017 – Picture by Tenson Mkhala