The University of Zambia (UNZA) senate has resolved to postponed the reopening of the institution from November 5, 2017 to January 2, 2018.

A university official told News Diggers that the senate held a meeting this afternoon at the which the decision was made

“There are concerns that if the university reopened now, the students would have to be paid their upkeep allowances starting this month or else there might be student unrest. And since the budget cycle runs from January to December, it means that the latest intake was not catered for in the current budget that is set to come to an end this December, demonstrating the need to match the university calendar to the budget cycle,” said the official who did not want to be on record.

“Already, there are unconfirmed reports circulating within the University that the Minister of Higher Education has directed the University management not to increase tuition and accommodation fees. If that is true, expect more industrial and student unrest at the nation’s highest and most prestigious public university because it is seriously undercapitalised and it is in desperate need for additional funding.”