Party of National Unity leader Highvie Hamududu says President Edgar Lungu should heed to the Law Association of Zambia’s counsel and apologise for the careless statement he made in Solwezi about Constitutional Court judges.

In an interview with News Diggers! yesterday, Hamududu observed that President Lungu’s statement bordered on interference of the Judiciary.

“President Lungu’s statement on the Judges borders on interference of the work of the Judiciary. The Judiciary needs independence for them to make independent judgments on issues before them. It was not right to exert undue pressure on them, and doing so is tantamount to compromising them. The right thing President Lungu should to do is heed the counsel of the Law Association of Zambia and apologise for the careless statement he made in Solwezi,” Hambududu said.

And Hamududu advised fellow politicians to give space to the Judiciary to operate freely.

“We, political stakeholders must give the Judiciary space to operate independently without our biased undue pressures. It doesn’t matter what our expectations might be as politicians, we are all under the law. There has been too many careless statements by politicians on the Judiciary that are not helpful in the dispensation of justice for all. This must be stopped forthwith,” said Hamududu.