Police in North Western province have arrested a fellow officer of Kasempa Police Station for taking nude pictures of a mother and her daughter who were detained for murder.

According to North Western province police Commissioner Auxensio Daka, Constable Kalebwe made obscene materials after convincing the suspects that the Zambia Police Command in Lusaka wanted to use the nude pictures as part of police procedure.

In a statement, Daka said two other police officers in Chavuma and Ikelenge have also been arrested for failing to secure fire arms, while another officer in Kabompo was nabbed for slapping a 13-year-old schoolgirl to the extent of damaging her eardrum.

“On 7th November, 2017 at around 21:30 hours at Kasempa police station, officer No. 43948 Constable Kalebwe, was alone at the inquiries office due to the fact that most officers were out for special duties. The officer decided to take nude pictures of two female suspects namely Grace Sitampa (mother) and Dyness Sitampa (daughter) detained in police custody for the offence of murder. He took them out of the cell to a private room where he told them that as per procedure, he needed to photograph them whilst naked,” Daka explained.

“He told them the pictures were needed at the Police Service Headquarters [in Lusaka]. The suspects believed him and removed clothes, then he proceeded to get pictures using his mobile phone. The matter is under investigations, but the pictures were deleted from the phone.”

Mwanwhile a detective Sergeant Phiri of Chavuma police station has been arrested for abandoning his work station and going into a nearby village where he got too drunk before the fire arm was taken from him.

“On 26th October, 2017, officer No. 38061, detective sergeant Phiri of Chavuma Police station was detailed to guard a Zesco sub-station from 18:00 hours to 06:00 hours. However, he opted to leave the point of duty and went into one of the villages to drink with friends. The following day he appeared without the fire arm and when a follow-up was made, it was discovered that the same (fire arm) was with one of the villagers namely Manyima Hopekins who claimed that he got it from the officer who was very drunk at the time and was fighting with his mentally disturbed brother,” Daka stated.

“When the ammunition was counted, it was discovered that six rounds were missing. He has since been arrested for the subject offence.”

Daka said the investigations also involve Constable Mfwambi of Ikelenge police station who was arrested for misplacing a fire arm magazine containing 30 rounds of ammunition.

“On 14th august, 2017, officer No.44036 Constable Mfwambi withdrew a fire arm with a magazine containing thirty (30) rounds of ammunition. When his tour of duty ended on 24th August, 2017, he only handed the fire arm without a magazine and stated that he had misplaced it. The officer was given time to look for the same but could not find if. He has since been arrested for the subject offence,” Daka stated.

In another development, Daka stated that police were investigating a Constable Daka of Kabompo police station for allegedly slapping a 13 year old school girl to the extent of damaging her eardrums.

“On 13th October, 2017, a case of assault was received in which some women of Kasempa were fighting. The women who were fighting went to report the case in which one female juvenile aged 13 years who was coming from school decided to join the group. Upon arrival of the group at the police station, the women who were fighting started to report the case at the inquiries office. Then a police officer by the name of constable Daka entered the police station and started shouting at the group. In the process he slapped the female juvenile Keeke Kavungu on the face and sustained a painful head and her ears were affected as she could not hear properly from then. a complaint was lodged against the officer and a medical report form issued,” stated Daka.