Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo says someone at the Road Development Agency is not doing the right thing at toll plazas and they will pay for it.

And Lusambo has ordered RDA to stop awarding contracts to Lusaka-based companies on the Copperbelt.

Speaking when he toured the Mwanawasa and Kafulafuta toll plazas as well as the Kafulafuta weigh bride today, Lusambo he was very annoyed with the way RDA was operating.

“I am very annoyed to say this. What is RDA doing here? We had started works on this plaza, now I come we find that the contract was given to AVIC and you have started new works. Someone at RDA is not doing the right thing. Someone at RDA is a problem. I won’t allow this,” Lusambo said.

“We can’t be spending money on toll plaza construction and no right thing is done. You are busy terminating contracts and giving new ones! Who is paying for this. Someone will have to pay for this. Here before AVIC came there were some structures. But you have demolished and who will pay for that?”

Lusambo said RDA would not be allowed to engage in illegal deals on the Copperbelt.

“Copperbelt is number one in everything. So we want to see serious works here. You RDA, we want to see straight things on the Copperbelt. The problem is that there is someone who is not doing the right thing or job at RDA,” he told RDA regional manager Joseph Himululi.

And Lusambo ordered RDA to terminate Ilinso consultancy company’s contract for works at the Kafulafuta toll plaza, saying no Lusaka-based company should be awarded a contract on the Copperbelt.

“And you the consultancy where are you from? Lusaka, no I won’t allow. Your contract should be terminated. DC are you telling me we do t have companies on the Copperbelt that can do consultancy. To just look at what is going on. No I won’t allow this again, from Lusaka and you get jobs for our people, no, no! I am chasing you from the Copperbelt,” said Lusambo.

“Look what will our people on the Copperbelt benefit from. His Excellency President Lungu has said 20% of sub contracts should go to the local people. Now what is this company from Lusaka doing here?”