Armed criminals in Ndola have shot dead a Chinese national of Amaya Investment Limited in the Light Industrial Area of Masala.

Confirming the shooting which happened on Monday around 08:30 hours, Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said the criminals stole undisclosed sums of money.

Katanga said the eight (8) criminals were masked and two were armed with AK47 rifles while others were armed with and pangas.

She said after shooting, the Chinese national who is the managing director of the company, they went away with a stollen Toyota Noah.

“He was shot on November 19, which was yesterday Monday around 08:30 hours. The criminals who were masked and armed with two AK 47 rifles and pangas, entered the plant and shot him dead. The criminals then stole the motor vehicle Toyota Noah registration number ALT 8528 black in colour and a safe with an undisclosed amount of money,” Katanga said.