Chishimba Kambwili says he is wondering why the Constitutional Court has not cited Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila for contempt after he said the court’s ruling on the President’s eligibility would not change the PF candidate for 2021.

And Kambwili called on other courageous Zambians to join him in exposing the evils in the PF government, saying a lone voice was not good enough as he could one day “drop dead” and leave the struggle.

Speaking when he featured on Kokoliko FM radio programme in Chingola on Monday, Kambwili who is a rebel PF member of parliament for Roan, noted that Mwila’s comments on President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility and the Party’s decision to endorse him even though the matter was still in Court, was the worst kind of attack the judiciary.

And Kambwili said it was impossible to trust Mwila about anything because he was just a liar who thrived on lies to elevate himself.

“When you look at the Secretary General of PF, Davies Mwila. I used to work with Mwila here on Copperbelt and you all know who Mwila is, the only thing he knows is telling lies, he thrives on lies and deceit to get where he wants to go. There is absolutely no way Mwila can be Secretary General of a party, nangufye iyo party yabalume naba kanshi teti abe Secretary General (even if that political party belonged to a husband and wife, Mwila can’t be Secretary General) I am even surprised that he is Secretary of the PF because Mr Sata used to tell us that Mwila is a liar,” Kambwili charged.

“One day we were seated in a meeting with Mr Sata and the members of parliament were convening to say ‘Mr President, Mwila is always bringing confusion’ but Mr Sata said ‘ine nga shali intungulushi yamano, Mwila bonse imwe nga alimipwisha pantu wabufi elo necho esa mukucita ku office kumyandi nga aisa, kubepafye ubufi (If I were a foolish leader, Mwila would have divided all of you with his lies because when he comes to my office, the only thing he does is tell lies)’, ask Mwila and let him to deny this.”

He said Mwila attacked the judiciary with impunity.

“Surely, is that a person whom someone who is a reasonable President can appoint as a Secretary General for a Party? The President goes and says ‘I am only going up to 2021’ but bena ba Mwila baya ati ‘no, he (President Lungu) is our sole candidate’. You see, let us even learn to respect the Courts, you can not attack the Courts like that with impunity. I am even surprised that he has not been cited for contempt because that matter of whether President Lungu qualifies to stand or not is still in Court. Now the ruling party which is the party in government goes and issues a statement saying ‘whether you like it or not, Lungu is our sole candidate’, you are only saying that whether the Court rules in the affirmative or otherwise, he is still our candidate and that’s the worst kind of attacking the judiciary with impunity,” he said.

“The Problem with Mwila is that even the level of his education is very low so when you have such people as Secretary General, you can’t expect to succeed as a President.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili regretted that he was the only the person so far in the political scene who was pushing government and the ruling party to work.

“When a President speaks, the whole country is supposed to feel that the President has spoken. Now, from the time Lungu became President, when did you hear him speak firmly? Because I know Lungu very well even this issue of outsourcing at Mopani it is only after I spoke about it and castigated them in Parliament that we saw Joyce Nonde (Labour minister) and my friend [Christopher] Yaluma coming to Chingola, but if I keep quiet about it then nothing will happen because I am the only person they are scared of now. Once I talk they run but you can not depend on one voice what if I dropped dead today? We are just supposed to be doing the right thing at the right time, all of us. It can not be Chishimba Kambwili always,” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili also apologised to the people of Chingola for having convinced them to vote for President Edgar Lungu in the 2016 elections.

“Let me take this opportunity to also apologise unreservedly to the people of Chingola for having had come here to convince them to vote for Edgar Lungu, nicilya batila ‘nalikwebele tabulapa (It’s just like the proverbs say that you only realise when the damage has been done)’, I am very sorry people of Chingola, I should have known [but] in life there is a lot of pretence,” said Kambwili.

“When we gave President Lungu the one year mandate in 2015, he pretended to be a good person and to be a listening man but immediately we gave him the five years, he changed like a chameleon and his preoccupation is not to rule the country but to make money for himself and prolong his stay in power by all means.”