I will give a quotation for the consultancy work I did as Minister after Parliament was dissolved so that we see who needs to pay who, says Yamfwa Mukanga.

In an interview with News Diggers! yesterday, the former Transport and Communications Minister said he was ready to honour the Constitutional Courts’ ruling but hastened to say that he needed to be paid for all the work which he did.

“I am also giving a quotation for my consultancy for the period and for everything. I will put it there, we will go and talk with my friends, then we will push it in so that we see who is going to pay who because what we put in was more than what the people think. And for a person like me didn’t even get the salaries they are talking about. I can tell you that we are going to put in that quotation, it is very simple,” Mukanga said.

He said that his input was more than what people thought.

“I am putting my own quotation for the consultancy during the period because at times I would come from Mufulira and do the work for you. So even all those I will put them there, so I have no problem with that. I am an engineer myself and it is the engineering technical issues I was putting in, so I need that to be paid as well. I have no problem, we follow what the courts do and we will honour what the courts are saying but we will also do our part,” said Mukanga.