It has happened in Zimbabwe, next is Zambia – HH

We are so close to getting there so remain stead fast, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema told his supporters in Ndola today.

Speaking shortly on arrival at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International airport for the UPND card renewal exercise slated for the Kitwe showgrounds today, Hichilema said revolutions have started in the region.

“Let us remain strong and united. We are so close. We will be there very soon. We are close. The wind is blowing. Look at Zimbabwe, it has happened and next is Zambia. Democracy is coming to Zambia. Yes, the UPND wants a regime change. Yes we want that and we will do it democratically. We know that our time is near,” Hichilema said.

“We know what is happening on the Copperbelt. We know that our women are suffering. No jobs for the youths because of these criminals, the PF. They are the ones making us suffer. They want us to focus on them so that we don’t address the key issues.”

He said the PF has now specialised in harassing and intimidating citizens.

“Don’t lose hope. Remain focused because we are almost there. They want to beat us, lock us up and send us to prison, but let us be strong. Very soon, we will be there. Remain focused and united. Continue to mobilize the party even in challenging times,” said HH who is accompanied by his vice Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

“Today, we go to Kitwe to conduct our exercise, but before we go to Kitwe, let us go to Church and worship our God. We will remain strong.”

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Stop comparing Zambia to Zimbabwe coz that will just make you look dumb and stupid.


You’re not Suppose to politicking everything and please learn how to appreciate for sometimes. do you think your government(if you come in power) it will not be tyranny? Avoid taking politics in chaotic aspect, show your politically potentiality in realm’s of peace. Politically speaking an individual who demonstrate always the negative critics of the government without postive aspects of them is a problematic. The secret of been in Leadership is not all about how you think but rather, on how people thinks about your thinking on ‘them’. Don’t damage the profile of your beautiful country in proclaiming always the negative… Read more »

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