Kafue Member of Parliament Miriam Chonya has appealed to state-owned and private companies in her constituency to give local youths a priority when employing.

Speaking during a funeral service for Julius Mpumpi, a 22 year old youth of Kafue, Chonya said that she had noted with great sadness the manner in which government controlled firms were conducting their recruitment of employees.

Chonya appealed to government to address the high rate of youth unemployment because it affected the most productive human resource.

“Julius was an epitome of ambitious youths, I saw a lot of ambition in him and he was very determined to do something for himself. But unfortunately this was never to be. Before he met his fate, Julius would make desperate appeals to me to help him find a job and I feel sad that I couldn’t grant his wish.”

She regretted that some companies were reportedly refusing to employ some youths, and were even laying off others who were perceived to belong to the opposition.

Chonya said that most youths in Kafue were having difficulties in finding employment in the district despite having the right qualifications.

“The cry of many youths in Kafue is that state owned companies are preferring to employ youths from outside Kafue because the local youths are perceived to be opposition sympathisers,” said Chonya.