PAC president Andyford Banda says Public Service Commission chairperson Dickson Chasaya’s remarks that government will recover misappropriated funds from erring officers through salary deductions is illogical and should not deter police from prosecuting culprits.

Recently, Chasaya told Diplomatic Staff at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria that deducting emoluments from erring officers was the workable solution due to legal challenges.

But in an interview today, Banda said people wanted to see culprits prosecuted.

“We also want to see some disciplinary action being taken against those found wanting who may not have been involved in fraud. They need to be suspended. For example, we need to see action so that future cases can be reduced. We want to see action and not what Mr Chasaya is saying that the cases will be dealt with administratively. I think that is misleading the public. Let’s face the facts, let’s ensure that those culprits that did not deliver; especially in goods, and those involved in fraud are dealt with. Maybe Mr Chasaya is trying to please some people who may be connected to the system. However, that shouldn’t stop the police from prosecuting all those found wanting,” Banda said.

“The Vice-President [Inonge Wina] clearly indicated that those that were cited in the Auditor General’s report will be arrested. Especially those that were found with fraudulent cases. There is every reason to be concerned about the Auditor General’s report more especially that these cases have been happening repeatedly year in year out.”

Banda wondered how government would recover money lost in shoddy works.

“I think Mr Chasaya is misleading the public. There are a lot of cases of fraud in the Auditor General’s report. I mean, why is it that for example, RDA did give out contracts worth K11 billion without the supervising consultants which resulted in shoddy works? Can we call that procedural issue? Shoddy works were done and the people in that office knew what they were supposed to do. In as much as we appreciate that monies will be recovered from salaries, I just want to find out how the K11 billion will be recovered from the shoddy works that were done. We are also talking about civil servants who stole money worth K2.5 million as cited in the Auditor General’s report. Also deducting money from the civil servants, we know that the money misappropriated is a lot of money, how much money will they deduct?” asked Banda.