The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has challenged President Edgar Lungu to share with the people his formula for getting rich quick.

And NDC says the panic which police and State House are exhibiting when dealing with Chishimba Kambwili is alarming.

In a statement to News Diggers! yesterday, NDC national youth chairperson Charles Kabwita asked Presient Lungu to share his secret formula to amassing wealth within a short period of time.

“Why has the president chosen to be mute on his wealth accumulation? This is a source of concern because everyone knew how much the president declared in 2015. So if his wealth can triple in a very short time, he ought to show the citizens how it is done. If it was legitimately acquired, it can motivate all of us to become rich like [Aliko] Dangote. He can also avail his formula to help our treasury which is under pressure. The President needs to address such issues surrounding his office and personality,” Kabwita said.

“We all want to be rich and him being a father of the nation although he’s an absentee father, he should share the secret formula. We need to know whether indeed he’s having miracle money so that we also go on the queue. If he is using miracle water we need to know. He should also tell us how much he makes every time he goes out. The president should tell us why he chose to make hefty allowances at the expense of buying beddings in general hospitals.”

And Kabwita advised government to focus on serious corruption cases instead of harassing Kambwili.

“The level at which the police, State House and sponsored propagandists are operating is alarming. One wonders whether Kambwili is a fire tender or an ambulance or perhaps an Auditor General’s report which needs critical attention by those entrusted with the authority to administer public resources and justice. This country is faced with serious scandals, starting from US$273m ‘Topstargate’, US$42m ‘firegate’, US$1.2b ‘roadgate’, US$288,000 ‘ambulancegate’ and the Auditor General’s report. These are the issues that our men and women in uniform should be addressing rather than concentrating all their efforts on scaring Kambwili,” said Kabwita.

“Why has the ACC stayed mute when the pieces of evidence by the Auditor General are right before their eyes and noses? Why can’t they summon the culprits and all the public officers who have been cited? Why have the police not shown any sign of investigating the white collar thieves?”