A radio caller yesterday told National Democratic Congress (NDC) party secretary general Mwenya Musenge that he is a political joker who is congesting the political arena.

The caller only identified as Elvis of Lusaka took on Musenge when he featured on Radio Phoenix’s “Let the people talk” programme after the former Copperbelt Minister said he left PF because he did not agree with the party policies.

“What hypocrisy from Mr Musenge and [NDC spokesperson] Mr [Eric] Chanda there? Those corn puffs you are talking about that they are being made from outside Zambia, have they stopped being made from Zambia during the PF government? That is the question I beg to be answered because corn puffs, when you were in government Mr Musenge, including all those things you are talking about, they were not made in Zambia. But how can you blame the PF government today? I congratulate the moderator there who asked you. You were talking about the wealth of President Edgar Lungu, how much were you worth Mr Musenge before you became minister? Why do you want to be so hypocritical when you are thrown out of government? That is not the problem of the PF, the people of Chimwemwe rejected you, they wanted [Elias] Mwila. The PF adopted you but you failed to win that seat. And today you want to blame the PF? Why?” asked the caller.

“Today you want to talk about morality, what morality can you teach us Mr Musenge? You and your president Mr Chishimba Kambwili? You can’t beat about the bush. The president of your party is Chishimba Kambwili, he is only fearing the court case, that is why he is saying he is a consultant. Chishimba Kambwili is on record of insulting other tribes. He even said demons were using him and today you can talk of morality. Mr Musenge surely, Chishimba Kambwili said in Tonga land there ‘if you take a stone, put it there, the [Tonga] people will vote for a stone rather than voting for another tribe’ isn’t Chishimba Kambwili not on record to say those things? You were in government Mr Musenge and you didn’t talk about all those things you are bringing today.”

The caller further wondered how a person who was a PF praise singer could suddenly disagree with the party policies only after being expelled from PF.

“You were praising President Edgar Lungu, even clapping for him, dancing for him and today you want to say ‘no I didn’t believe in those policies, today I am forming another party because I have got different policies’. You are talking about adding value, are those things not there in the PF? They are there. So once you are in the opposition, you try to be holier than thou. Mr Musenge, we trusted you when you were a leader in PF, how different are you going to behave when you are in the opposition?” pressed the caller.

“You are the same people who have destroyed the party you are coming from. The question is Mr Musenge, you wont make any difference with your arrogant leader Mr Chishimba Kambwili including that one Chanda who is there. He formed an alliance with Miles Sampa, what did they bring? Nothing, they joined another party. So for me you are just jokers who want to congest the political arena. No man in his own right mind will like to vote for you Mr Musenge. You will not bring any difference, you are just wasting your time, thank you.”

Another caller who only identified himself as HM from Kabwe argued that Kambwili could not be holding on to his parliamentary seat under the purported corrupt PF government if he was not corrupt.

“I find it interesting that you people NDC, your consultant Mr Chishimba Kambwili is claiming that PF is a corrupt government. And I don’t know why he is still holding on to a corrupt government; it means he is also corrupt. You see, because if PF was corrupt, he was supposed to resign on moral ground the way [Levy] Mwanawasa did to say ‘I am not going to be part of this’ now him he has challenged it in the courts. This country has failed to develop because it depends on one basket to get all the eggs or to keep all the eggs,” the caller observed.

In response, Musenge said that his exposure in politics had given him an insight to reflect and think forward hence coming up with NDC.

“I went into government doing a moderate business, I am not a very wealthy person. And when I left government, you cannot attribute any wealth that I have amassed because of being a member of parliament for two terms or being a deputy minister on the Copperbelt. I worked diligently and honestly and I have gone back to my little business. Those who are in Kitwe, they will be able to tell you that I have built my little business and I have continued to grow it from a humble beginning,” said Musenge.

“Secondly I want to mention that my exposure in politics has given me an insight to now reflect and think forward hence coming up with such ideas. I am human. It doesn’t mean that once you fall that is the end of you. Yes, I have lost an election but that is something that cannot be used to judge me over. In politics you can win or lose an election. When you look at our colleague like HH, he has lost an election about four five times but that is not the reason that you can start demonising him, not at all. We are all trying to build a better Zambia.”