Patriotic Front deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya says the party has not yet decided to respond to calls by Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube for a national indaba to resolve divisions in the ruling party.

In an interview yesterday, Bwalya said the party would inform the nation if it decided to respond.

“When the party has decided to respond to what he has raised, should the party decide to respond, then through me and other spokespersons of the party, you should be able to hear something. If there is any sort of collective response by the party and I am not aware, the secretary general, who is the main spokesperson, should be able to issue something along those lines,” said Bwalya.

By press time, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila and his deputy Mumbi Phiri were unreachable.

In a recent statement, KBF called for an urgent national PF indaba, saying a lot of members were angry and frustrated.

“To My Dear PF Family, Season’s Greetings. Allow me to outrightly apologise to those who shall be offended by my call for an indaba. I have learnt that people will always construe things according to the positions they have chosen to take. This I cannot help. My concern is the unity and future of the Party. I have come to the conclusion that silence is not always golden. I am therefore, humbly appealing to the general membership of the Patriotic Front to calm down and be patient for a little while. I am alive to the frustrations, grievances and anger that many of the general membership of the Patriotic Front are feeling. I agree that members have every right to complain and demand answers from the leadership when things do not seem right,” KBF stated.

“I know that we as a party have got problems and we must face them and deal with them together. I accept and believe that we as the Patriotic Front Party have the best members because our members have fought for the party and given it all they have without complaint and without revolt. This we must applaud as leaders and take responsibility for the unhappiness of our members because they as members have played their part repeatedly and it is we the leaders who must reciprocate.”

He appealed to President Edgar Lungu to heed his call to hold an emergency indaba, suggesting a date not later than January 14.

“That being said, I am appealing to the general membership, especially our youths to take a ‘Michael Sata Chill Pill’ and reflect. During this reflection period let us please allow the leadership an opportunity to attend to the concerns that the membership has raised and brought to the fore over the last few weeks. In view of the foregoing, it is now my humble appeal to His Excellency the President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu to sanction my call for a leadership/membership indaba. The purpose for this important gathering is to bring together #Central Committee, #Parliamentary representatives, #Women’s representatives,
# Youth representatives, # Party stalwarts, # Special groups representatives, #Any other groups that may be deemed necessary. Whereas it is my earnest belief that the indaba is an urgent opportunity, I am alive to the time of and season of the year and therefore propose the weekend of 12th/13th and 14th January 2018 as the feasible earliest time for such an indaba,” he stated.

“Further, I earnestly besiege the President’s indulgence that a steering committee to spearhead the indaba be constituted; comprising, The Party Secretary General Mr Davies Mwila, The DSG Madam Mumbi Phiri, The Women’s Chairlady Honorable Jean Kapata, The Youth Chairman Honorable Steven Kampyongo, 2 Members of Parliament, The Media Director Mr Sunday Chanda, Colonel Panji Kaunda, Mr Mumba Kapumpa SC and I, including any other persons the President may deem necessary to be part of such a committee.”

He hoped he had not angered anyone by his call for an indaba.

“It is my sincere hope that I have caused no offence and truly hope and pray that the proposed indaba can and will help bridge the gap between the leadership and the general membership. It is my sincere submission that the President sanctions this indaba. May the good Lord bless us all,” stated KBF.